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How am I managing the stress of this election?

I think we can all agree, no matter where you live or what side of the issues you stand, we are all experiencing this tumultuous time of political unrest regardless of the outcome of this how do we manage? How do we maintain relationships? How to we know what issues are important to us and the best way to speak up for things that matter most? It's all so overwhelming!! And sorry to say - I don't have the answers.

What do I do to manage my stress?? Great question! Some days feel full of hope, some days I feel helpless, and some days I feel like we just live in a simulation and we are all on the wrong timeline! What I can do, take each day as they come, check in with myself and then do what I can to process and move through whatever I'm feeling in that moment. I accept what I can and cannot control and go from there. One thing I have learned is setting boundaries for myself. I can control what I watch. I can control what I listen to. I can control how I choose to process information and how I interact with those who have opposite opinions from me. I also can have have a standing weeknight virtual happy hour session with close friends where we can all vent, laugh, cry, and be validated in our feelings - this is a highly recommended coping method!!

How do I control what I let myself consume when we live in the age of algorithms, political newsfeeds, deep fakes, and overwhelming media coverage that is just confirming our own biases...the era of the Social Dilemma? If you haven't watched that on Netflix yet, go do it now! We can have some control over our filters. I'm not talking about changing the settings on our social media accounts - although that is one step to controlling what we consume - I'm talking about having self discipline for how much time we allow ourselves to scroll and to take things in - this is something I struggle to manage! We decide if what we're consuming is serving us or hindering us. I can control what accounts I follow, who I interact with, what sources to trust (this takes some research but can be done). I can choose to listen to news or podcasts that inform but do not sensationalize what's going on or I can turn it off altogether and put on some great music and dance in my kitchen, go for a run, or do some breathing and yoga when things feel too heavy. I'm aware I'm not coming up with new information here, but I am aware this is all easier said than done and takes a little work and self discipline, but definitely worth the payoff in the end.

I guess the answer for me as to how I am managing is I am just doing the best I can like everyone else. I know I won't have all the answers but I know that we will get through this and we will find our way.

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